Understand Health and Safety in a Care Setting

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Unit 15 Understand Health and Safety in social care settings. 1 Understand the different responsibilities relating to health and safety in social care settings 1.1 Legislation relating to health and safety in a social care setting The setting is usually covered by The Health and safety at work act 1974.This umbrella covers most of the following regulations Manual handing and moving operations 1992/2002 COSH control of substances hazardous to health 2002 RIDDOR Reporting of diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 2008 Health and safety first aid regulations 1981 Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999 1.2 How health and safety policies and procedures protect those in a social care setting These include agreed ways of working as well as formal policies and procedures in our work place. They are set out so they protect the significant risks and deal with the control measures of every health and safety issues. They should give us information on reporting accidents or health problems; they should always state arrangements for first aid, fire and emergencies. Also everyone should be up to date with all their health and safety training, everyone should read your policies and procedures which is a legal frame work. The law places responsibilities on both employers and employees 1.3 Differences in the main health and safety responsibilities of A Social care worker The social care worker has to maintain any care procedures, which refer to the policies and procedures outlining the ways things get done, this includes attending any training. Health and safety responsibilities include other things such as making sure any activities are done safely, as well as the use of any equipment or materials to be handled with care, minimizing the risk of injury or harm to themselves and others, including other staff
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