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Understand Factors That Influence The Health And N Essay

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  • on April 24, 2012
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Understand Factors that Influence the Health and Needs of an Individual in Society.

Understand Factors that Influence the Health and Needs of an Individual in Society.

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Living Conditions. | Good/better living conditions are vital to an individual’s safety. It can reduce the chance of poor health, improve their mental state & promote self-esteem by giving them a sense of belonging & feeling socially accepted.Supported Housing for the elderly, disabled and other vulnerable groups allows individuals the freedom and choice to be as independent as they feel able to while still having support there if needed. | Poor living conditions or homelessness can have a dramatically negative effect on a person. They would be extremely vulnerable. Being exposed to the elements or having a home that is damp/energy inefficient can cause many health issues both physical & mental e.g. respiratory problems, low self-esteem & depression. They may neither be nor feel safe. Relationships with family & friends could break down which in turn could lead to feelings of being socially outcast. Their ability to access services such as health, education & employment could be significantly compromised. |
Income. | Having a good income can improve your quality of life. It reduces the amount of stress on a person/family. It gives an overall better standard of living i.e. a good balanced diet. More money for social activities which can improve an individual’s physical & mental health. Give them better access to services such as health, education, work opportunities and quality housing. | Debt and poverty can not only impact on a person’s physical health but also on mental health by causing stress, anxiety, depression as well as wider social consequences such as exclusion |
Genetic Inheritance | Some genes we inherit from our parents can be good ones such as height, eye colour and sporting abilities....

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