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Describe the Terms and Conditions of your Employment as Set Out in your Contract of Employment or Employment Agreement. To assist with the residents care plan, supervising the caring team whilst working as in integral part of the caring team, delivering the highest standers of personalised care to residents. Ensure that at all times residents are treated with respect and dignity, and that individual’s rights to privacy, dignity, independence and choices are met. To liaise with other care professionals relation to the care needs of the residents. I am responsible for making and changing beds, tidying resident’s rooms with the resident’s permission, undertaking light cleaning duties as needed and generally assisting n ensuring that the home is kept clean. Helping to serve meals and drinks at meal times and other times, when required. To be understanding with residents who need assistance with feeding and provide the appropriate level of support and help. To be an active and encouraging member of the care team, contribute to team meetings and ensuring good communication. To participate in the induction and training of newly appointed care assistance. Ensuring the care home is a friendly and supportive working environment. To administer medication to residents and ordering of medication if required. To also book medication into the home when it come. Describe the Information Which Needs to be Shown on Your Pay Slip/Statement * Name and address. This should be the name of the person employed and their home address. * The Date The date your payslip should be credited to your bank is usually shown. * Gross Pay. This is the total amount of full pay before any tax or national insurance has been take off. * Deductions. Variable deductions, for example tax and national insurance and what these deductions are for. * Fixed Deductions. These are
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