Understand Employement Responsibilities

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Task A-Short Answer questions Ai: The existing handbook, the latest Health & Safety requirements and changes in the law since the last update. Aii: a) Holidays and time off, my right at work and my working hours and contract. b) Training, minimum wages and Health & Safety policy. Aiii: * Fair wages * The workplace safety & standards * Employee benefits * Retirement & pensions The employment law deal with both the employer and employee’s actions, rights and responsibilities, as well as their relationship with one another. Task B Your work role Bi: Employment duration, place of work, hours of work, remuneration, holiday entitlement, public/bank holiday, sickness pay & conditions, disciplinary rules & procedures, disciplinary appeals procedures, grievance procedure, notice of termination to be given by employer, notice of termination to be given by employee, pension & pension scheme and collective agreements. Bii: Name and address, Pay Period, Pay Date, Pay Type, Payment Method Taxable Gross Pay, Income Tax, Employee NIC, Employer NIC, Tax Code, NI Number, Hourly Rate, Total Payment, Total Deductions, Net Pay. Bii: If any change of name or address, I must reported to my employer. Biv: The grievance should be raise verbally to an immediate superior, this should be done in confidence given full detail and sufficient time to consider the facts of the case and where appropriate take remedial action. If the grievance can be resolve satisfactorily by the immediate superior, the matter should be verbally or in writing to the home owner whose decision will be final. The employee is entitled to have a representative at any time of the procedure. Bv: 1. Data will: * be fairly and lawfully processed; * be used for a limited and well-explained purpose; * be relevant to the Organisation’s needs;
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