Understand Child and Young Person Developemnt

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Understand child development and young person development. Unit 4227-022 Outcome 1/1.1 Children’s development is broken into five different aspects:- Physical. Social. Emotional and behavioural. Communication and language. Intellectual and cognitive. Physical Development 0-3 years Physical development at this stage is very rapid. From birth babies use reflexes for movements to enable them to feed or grasp whenever they touch something. At 12 months they have more control of their body. They start to pull or push, shuffle, crawl and maybe stand up. Within 1 to 2 years they will begin to walk and toys will be pushed or pulled along as they walk. They will try to feed themselves with their hands, wave goodbye or hello and also point or shake their head for ‘no’. At 2-3 they will start to make markings with crayons, pencils pens etc. They will start to kick or throw things like balls. Also they will start to discover liquids (water) and pouring. Building bricks will start to get higher. 3-7 years They start to become more independent by this stage by trying to dress and undress. Running, jumping, catching and climbing stairs will be advancing. Smaller things will become easier like jigsaws and threading. Also they will start to hold pencils and copy letters and shapes; they will be able to use scissors. Advancing into the latter half of this time, to kicking a ball with aim, jumping from height, riding a bike, skipping and joining in team games as confidence increases. Writing will have progressed to words and sentences with more fluency as pencil control is more developed. Dressing themselves will be achieved with the use of buttons and zips. 7-12 years They may start to have hobbies/ interests which mean they are more experienced in some things like football, netball, swimming, dancing. They will start to get taller and thinner, baby teeth will start
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