Underground To Canada Book Summary

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Underground to Canada The novel is called Underground to Canada. It is written by a women called Barbra Smucker. It is based in the 19th century. I am going to be talking about the realism in the book. The story is based in Mississippi in the 19th century. The book is based on a real story. The book has maps of the counties around Mississippi and the route they travelled along. The story includes abolitionists and their fight to make all races on the same level in society. The story is also based on a little girl who is taken away form her mother and the plantation where she grew up. She is taken to a plantation where they are treated like animals. At least at her plantation they worked hard but also had fun and enjoyed them selves at night. At her new plantation there was no fun and no laughter and very hard hearted men who would whip them for no reason. Most of the characters are based on real people for example Levi Coffin, who was an Abolitionist and was born in 1798 in North Carolina…show more content…
The quotation from Martin Luther King is taken from Conscience for change. The spirituals on pages 9 and 23 appear respectively on p.107 of To Be A Slave by Julius Lester and on p.315 of Jubilee by Margaret Walker. The idea for the incident on pp. 94 and 99 was found in a description of the slave Magog on p. 134 of Make Free-The Story of the Underground Railway by William Brayfogle (Lippincott, 1958). The story is very well written, is shows the views from both sides of the fight against black people having there freedom taken from them and being turned into slaves. It makes you feel a that you have a very good understanding of what happened and how they felt, on both sides of the argument. The story is also good because it is based on real events and that helps it become more understandable, you can relate the story to real people, places and historical
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