Undercover Agents and Their Work

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LUERETTA HOWARD EVEREST UNIVERSITY CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION BRIAN FOLLETT Under Cover Agents and Their Work Being an undercover officer means you have to go in and learn about the person or people you are investigating. You should have a plan and know what to do if a bust happens while you’re there and no one knows you’re under cover. An agent must be able to change plans, make quick decisions, and be able to act out certain roles. A good undercover agent knows how to create a plan and work with the people or within the organization without making them suspicious. I believe I could be an undercover agent, but not at this time because I would need to learn more about undercover work and how it operates. I believe I have what it takes to do the work if I had to. I am a good actress, I’m a quick thinker, and I’m emotionally stable and intelligent. Gender is not or should not be an issue if the person knows what they are doing or meet the criteria it takes to get the job done. Different undercover assignments need different undercover agents whether it male or female. I think the issue would be that a male wouldn’t be able to go undercover as a prostitute, or a female probably wouldn’t be able to go undercover as a male. An officer being armed should be decided according to the situation or the operation. May be yes they should be armed. If you are entering into a dangerous operation they may be required to carry a gun. I don’t think body mikes should be used in all operations, but yes mikes are good in some situations. You never know when you are going to get searched or patted down in undercover work so I say it is according to the job assignment.I don’t think officers should be allowed to break the law in any situation. They should follow the laws also. In some cases they do go beyond and break the law, not saying it is legal, or right. “Although undercover
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