Underage Drinking Persuasive Essay

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Leana Berube College Composition Persuasive Essay There is no doubt that underage drinking has been a huge problem in the United States since the ban of prohibition was lifted. There is something about how alcohol is illegal that gives underage drinkers a thrill. Every year around this time, millions of American kids graduate from high school, throw massive parties and get drunk. Police end up arresting a lot of these kids, causing them legal trouble for months or even years. So, every year around this time, there's a new debate about whether the drinking age should lower or even abolish. The drinking age should be lowered to at least 18 to encourage responsible drinking and to eliminate drunk driving and binge drinking all together.…show more content…
As a young adult defiance is key, when told something is illegal it is all that much more exciting to do it. This is preciously why the drinking age should be lowered to at least 18. Allowing teens to drink in controlled environments such as restaurants, pubs and official school and university functions. In these situations responsible drinking could be taught through role modeling and educational programs. Mature and sensible drinking behavior would be expected. This behavior is taught in many countries around the world, where drinking is socially acceptable at a younger age. In almost every country, except for a select few, the drinking age is 16-18. Some countries even going as much as to not have a drinking age at all. If 21 is no longer is the legal drinking age teens will learn at a much younger age that abusing alcohol is not the path to “adulthood” which so many teens believe to be
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