Underage Drinking In College

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Normally one does not reach the legal drinking age during college until about their junior or senior year. Yet, through personal experience and research have shown that more drinking is done in the first years of college. A lot of excess baggage comes with the first year in college, and many students are overwhelmed by and under prepared for the excitement and risks that they will encounter during their first year at a university. From classes to sex, from relationships to drinking, from religion to social clubs, students decide the order in which to try them. Many will notice that there are only laws governing one of these activities, thus drinking becomes the first social pastime in which students engage. The thrill of entering a college…show more content…
Their solution is wrong, as laws will still be broken and people 20 years, 364 days and younger will continue to consume alcohol. The answer to the problem of underage drinking is not to add more restrictions. Rather, it is simple: get rid of the "underage" part. A study printed in the Journal of Alcohol and Drug Education has found that the lower drinking age has not really posed a problem for underage drinkers (96). This study also found that only 1.5% of their sample (6 students) agreed that the availability of alcohol was presenting a problem for them and their drinking habits (College Health Survey 96). "Raising the drinking age has had little positive impact on the university population in regard to alcohol consumption level" (College Health Survey…show more content…
She has performed numerous studies pen pointing the pros and cons of underage drinking in a college atmosphere. Being a professor at a major university has given her the perfect environment to study such subjects. Wechsler, Henry, Ph.D., Barbara A. Moeykens, William DeJong, Ph.D., Enforcing the Minimum Drinking Age Law: A Survey of College Administrators and Security Chiefs, November 2000, Harvard School of Public Health, http://www.edc.org/hec/pubs/enforce.htm/ Wechsler and his colleagues have conducted survives and studies. Everyone from the U.S. government to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving have back their research. After reading a few of their articles, I feel that their outcomes are very well ground and based on immense research. DeJong, William, Ph.D., Linda M. Langford, Sc.D., Journal of Studies on Alcohol A Typology for Campus-Based Alcohol Prevention: Moving toward Environmental Management Strategies, Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health, 715 Albany Street, Boston, Massachusetts

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