Underage Drinking Cause & Effect

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Underage drinking has always been a problem. Now, more than ever drinking under the age of 21 has become a big problem. In our society today, underage drinking is expressed as cool, or a way to have fun. The media today exaggerates drinking. I don’t know how many times I’ll be flipping through channels and come upon somebody too drunk to control themselves. I see celebrities going to rehab, then a month later having a drink in hand. The media has portrayed drinking to be something that is fun and exciting. You can go to a party and get completely wasted, then barely remember it the next day when you wake up on your front lawn. In reality people don’t drink as much, like on TV. I think this will soon change. When you see somebody live a lifestyle like that on TV people will easily mimic it. A lot of times that is why there is a, “Do not try this at home” warning on TV shows like “Mythbusters” and “Jackass.” They know that people can and will most likely do it so they try to make people aware of the dangers. I wonder why this warning is not on TV shows like “Jersey Shore” and “Skins.” Obviously people think it is now acceptable to go out underage, hang out with friends, and drink until they pass out. Because of shows like “Jersey Shore” and “Skins,” teenagers feel like they can live a dangerous life Another major cause of drinking underage would be peer pressure. Teenagers are almost expected to drink before they are 21 these days. If they don’t, they could easily be cast out of the social circle and be made fun of. People also are not tolerant of alcohol. Most of the time parents do not give out harsh punishments to underage drinking, because they did the same thing in high school. I’ve heard of kids that haven’t even gotten in trouble for underage drinking, and their parents were actually okay with it. This can lead to teens thinking that it is an acceptable

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