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An Investigation into underage drinking in Scotland By me Submitted on 15th November 2010 Contents Page Contents Background Terms of Reference Procedures Findings Conclusions Recommendations Appendices Bibliography Underage drinking is when someone under the legal age of 18 in Scotland is consuming alcohol. There are many different reasons for underage drinking and people from all backgrounds do it. Underage drinking costs the NHS 19 million pounds a year. 1 Terms of Reference 1.1 Martin Kelly instructed Craig Smith to write a report on underage drinking. The report was to be submitted by the 15th of November. The purpose of this report is to investigate the underage drinking culture in Scotland. The report will consist of the following. 2 Procedures 2.1 The chosen topic was discussed and agreed with the lecturer and then numerous internet sites were searched for accurate information. 2.1.1 A questionnaire was then constructed and handed out to teenagers aged fourteen to sixteen. When the questionnaires were complete the results were gathered and reviewed. 2.1.2 Shopkeepers were approached and asked about the laws and what they thought about them. Also how they combat underage drinking in their store. 3 Findings 3.1 Scotland has had an underage drinking problem for many years now and the Scottish Executive is thinking of new ways to tackle this problem. 3.1.1 They are trying to change laws and regulations to stop youngsters getting their hands on drink. They have also started training staff on better ways to deal with underage drinking. 3.2 Alcohol is the drug of choice among underage kids today in Scotland as it is very easy to access. Many teenagers are experimenting with drink now at too young an age. Underage drinking is seen as a public health problem. 3.2.1 Alcohol prices are so cheap that you will

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