Underage Drinking Essay

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Underage Drinking GEN499: General Education Capstone March 10, 2014 Underage Drinking Of today’s youth alcohol is the most preferred choice of drug abuse. Many young people developed the habit of taking too much alcohol at an early age. Underage drinking has led to numerous health problems in many countries. Many families have lost their children due to excess drinking. Adolescent stage comes with an increased independence, which is linked to alcohol abuse. This study will cover the effects of underage drinking and how it is a controversial issue in the country’s development. Balko, R. (2007, November 11). Straight Talk: Time to Rethink the Drinking Age | Fox News. Retrieved from http://www.foxnews.com/story/2007/04/11/straight-talk-time-to-rethink-drinking-age/ After the 1984 policy that created the drinking age limit was put into motion, each state was to choose between accepting the policy and forgoing highway funding. Because of this policy, the U.S. has the highest drinking age. Some feel the human brain continues to develop until the age of 21 while others argue a lower drinking age in other countries does not hurt youth on standardized tests. Another argument claims if an 18 year old can fight for his country, vote and even get married, why is he not responsible enough to have a drink. As former President of Middlebury College, McCardell believes the drinking age should be moved back to 18. To prove his devotion he has started an organization called Choose Responsibility. Finally, Balko adds that after all of his information he gathered from colleges around the country, he did not meet with any President who feels the age restriction on drinking has aided to stop underage drinking. This article is important to my paper because an opinion about the age being too high is backed with evidence from a specific President of a college who experienced

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