Underage Drinking Essay

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Despite the fact that the legal age is 21, more and more teenagers are beginning to consume alcohol, and it’s starting at a younger age. According to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, an annual survey from 2005 states that three-fourths of twelfth graders, more than two-thirds of tenth graders, and about two in every five either graders have consumed alcohol. The risks of teenagers between the ages of fourteen and eighteen that are drinking have increased throughout the year due to the fact that they are drinking at a younger age. One of these risks is the amount of teenagers that drive while under the influence of alcohol. Approximately, five thousand young people under the age of twenty-one die as a result of underage drinking; which includes one thousand nine hundred from motor vehicle crashes, one thousand six hundred from the results of homicides, three hundred from suicides and hundreds from other injuries such as drowning, falls and or burns. The amount of teenagers that drink and drive have increased over the past decades. In 1965, the average drinking age was seventeen and a half years old. In 2005, the drinking aged decreased to fourteen years old. Another risk of drinking under the age of twenty-one is brain development. Scientists say they the brain is still developing well into the twenties, and the use of alcohol by adolescents cause a delay in brain development. Delayed development in the brain might result in impairing decision making, long and short term memory, and the ability to learn. Many people have begun to wonder, how their own children will be effected by alcohol, and how can they help and prevent young teenagers from drinking to prevent their child from drinking at a younger age. There are many ideas on how to how to help and prevent the use of alcohol in teenagers lives. For instance, creating a permit system, enforcing more

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