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Underage Drinking Essay

  • Submitted by: kameronjaff
  • on October 5, 2008
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The teen years: the years of our lives where our heads are filled with mixed emotions, our bodies our going through drastic changes, and we are constantly trying to fit in and be accepted. And with all these attributes of adolescence comes the consumption of alcohol.   It’s not that the consumption of alcohol is an imperative factor for induction to the world of adulthood, but rather alcohol is used by millions of teens worldwide for various reasons such as peer pressure by his or her social environment, his or her emotional state of mind, his or her family lifestyle, and his or her personality and values (Mitchell Pg. 25). In fact, close to half of kids twelve or older are consumers of alcohol in the United States (Wagner Pg 18). Teen alcoholism is a serious problem, as it has been reported that 4.5 millions teens suffer from drinking problems (Wagner Pg. 18). This statistic validates all arguments that state that drinking should be kept for the legal age of 21 or older. Teen drinking poses many problems in the spectrum of a teens life, as it is easily accessible and can physically and socially ruin a life. However, decriminalization of alcohol for teens is one method in which some feel that this problem could be solved, while others feel that reduction of media influence combined with proper parenting would be more sensible. The problem of underage drinking must be stopped before the first sip is taken.
The initiation of alcohol drinking is at social events, which are the number one source of teenage drinking throughout a school year (Mitchell Pg. 27).   Interestingly enough, drinking is usually a social activity and few teens report drinking alone (Mitchell Pg. 25). Most underage drinkers have qualities described as “sensation seeking, impulsive, under-controlled, or thrill-seeking.” In most cases, teen alcoholism stems from willingness to reject parental guidance (Mitchell Pg. 33). Once a teen has become prone to drinking, he or she will chose groups that...

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