Under Water Mining Essay

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Tuesday 4/16/13 Sub Plans James Woodhouse • 1st Period o N108 ▪ Helping out in the ALS Class • Pick Terence up from A108 take him to gym • 2nd Period o Gym (get locker key from Coach Strunk for boys) ▪ Will be doing yoga with the class and senior citizens • Terence, Michael B., Daniel, and Abby ▪ Get ALS students dressed at 9:05AM. • 3rd Period o A202 ▪ Software App With Mr. Murphy • Johnny, Michael B., Dylan, Malik ▪ Malik is pretty independent ▪ Johnny will need plenty prompting as well as Michael ▪ Johnny will need longer sentences or answers written out for him to type. ▪ Michael will need to be prompted to stay on task • Take Dylan to gym • 4thB Period o Gym ▪ Dylan & Nathan will need to change in the locker room. • Coach Strunk has their locker key ▪ Dylan will have a task list to follow that will be with Mr. Creighton for 4A part of class Ms.Ek will fill in 4B- 4C. ▪ Nathan will be going up to the weight room to complete the work out attached ▪ Around 11:15AM. Nathan will get a snack break • His snacks are in the fridge downstairs in the coach’s office in locker room. ▪ Nathan & Dylan will change @ 11:30AM ▪ Take Nathan to N108 to drop off his backpack get his lunch money out of the very front pocket of his backpack and his lunch bag out give to him and tell him to go to lunch. • 5th Period tutorial class • Pick Johnny up from N108 o 6th Period ▪ Gym • Johnny will change get keys from Coach Strunk •

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