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Under the Influence of Music Essay

  • Submitted by: Phenom310
  • on December 11, 2012
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Violence, crime, suicide, racism, stereotyping, discrimination, abomination, where does it all stem from? More importantly, how can it be treated? Does one really believe violent behavior is a genetic trait? Can one conclude that the two guys who committed the Columbine High School shooting, were troubled and violent the day they were born? It would be irrational to believe so. There is in fact, a whole lifetime of reasons why all these people behave this way, and that begins with parenting and childhood. One important factor, however, is especially the media take-in, as a child, such as movies, video games, and music. It is what is present to children, when the parents are not, which also results as bad parenting. Good parenting, would mean successful and aspiring young adults, only watched G-rated movies and listened to approved music by their parents, as children. Hence, the media influence on youth, consequently changes their behavior and personality, affecting them either bad or good, all depending on the type of media take-in. In this research, music is the main focus of media influence. Specifically genres, hip-hop and electronic-dance-music, but more entirely focused, on the healing influence it can have on such characters in youth that endured the negative side effects of violent media. Despite the negative factors, hip-hop and electronic-dance-music have, in fact, a positive, therapeutic influence on youth, and allows the power of expression to the listener or composer.
Hip-hop is genre of music that has become a huge part of American popular culture, that was originated by the urban African-American community. It consists of an almost, repetitive beat, with four beats per measure. Hip-hop is performed by a rapper who rarely sings, and mostly “raps” (speaks) the words with rhythm and rhyming. Hip-hop is mainly known for its vulgar and transgressive language, promoting crime, sexism, and money. However, hip-hop is a diverse genre just like any other and...

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