Under God In The Pledge Of Allegiance Analysis

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PLEDGE OF ALLEGANCE There are many different views and ways to interpret the phrase “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance I will focus on the historical and political references to American culture, and American nationalism, to give relevance to the words “Under God” in the pledge. The pledge of Allegiance written by Francis Bellamy was instituted in 1892 as a pledge to the American Flag. The pledge was part of a strong effort by the Benjamin Harrison administration to assist in the reconstruction of the union after the Civil War. In 1954 congress amended the pledge to include the words “Under God”. This was done in an effort to thwart the growing threat or perceived threat communism had on the American idea of freedom and capitalism. The soviet empire and the recently toppled German National Socialists embraced atheism; Americans feared loosing freedom and democracy (Baer John, 1992 pp. 1-3) Many people wonder why God is referenced to so often in American Government and civil society. I will list several of the reasons. Claiming God is the supreme authority over American citizens leaves no…show more content…
"We are a Christian people," the Supreme Court declared in 1811. The Senate Judiciary Committee echoed these words exactly in 1853, adding, "Almost our entire population belong to or sympathize with one of the Christian denominations. During the Civil War, Lincoln also described Americans as "a Christian people." In 1892 the Supreme Court again declared, "This is a Christian nation." In 1908, The House of Representatives said, "the best and only reliance for the perpetuation of the republican institution is upon a Christian patriotism." In 1917 Congress passed legislation declaring a day of prayer in support of WWI. In 1931 the Supreme Court reaffirmed its earlier view: "We are a Christian people, and acknowledging with reverence the duty of obedience to the will of God" (Green Haven Press,

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