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Joseph Sayegh October 12, 2012 In Class EssayIn your opinion have people these days become overly dependent on technology?“Lazy” that’s the first word that pops into my minds when the topic of of peoples dependency on technology gets brought up. You will always hear your elders speak about they lived their life when they where younger, and how many of our luxuries they didn’t have for themselves. I always listen to them and think they are just jealous, but I also know that their right. I do agree that we are over dependent on technology today, and many of us wouldn’t know how to deal with our everyday lives if we didn’t have our everyday assets. We as people have become overly dependent technology especially on automobiles, and the internet. Even though most of the tools we use everyday are necessary society wouldn’t be able to last a week without the help of technology. Although for the sake of a counter argument We have to remember that everything unnatural on this earth has a roots linked to somebody’s brain, and hands, but we also shouldn’t abuse what they did for us, but not knowing how to do anything ourselves. An example of modern day technology that receives negative feedback is our transportation systems. You will always see people complain about somebody riding a segway around a mall, or a scooter to go food shopping, this is a tragedy indeed. Although you have people who are parlayed sadly most people using these instruments today are just overweight. In the United States insurance companies will pay for somebody who suffers from obesity to receive a free power scooter. People who suffer from obesity should be the ones who should try to increase their cardiac exercises. Instead they have become dependent on technology to help them make up for the motor schools that they lost. This is one of the many examples of peoples dependence on technology.

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