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Under Armour has not undergone many significant recent changes within the last 5 years. One of the changes they did undergo was the replacement of Ryan Wood, one of Under Armour’s named executive officers, was replaced as President and Managing Director for Under Armour Europe, by Peter Mahler. This replacement was announced to the public on July 9, 2007. Ryan Wood returned to the United States as planned in a reduced role where he will continue is to gain experience in global sales and support the Brand’s growth. Kevin Plank, the President and CEO of Under Armour states “Much as he was here when we founded the Under Armour brand in the U.S., Ryan Wood was a driving force behind establishing our authentic brand position and distribution in Europe. His leadership in opening more than 1000 authentic athletic retail doors where Under Armour is now sold across Europe and in driving our on-field presence on athletes across our key markets in the United Kingdom, France and Germany was a critical contribution toward the foundation for sustained growth we are building across the Continent.” This replacement of Ryan Wood, though planned, could either increase or decrease sales in Europe. Plank states that Peter Mahler has a proven set of skills that qualifies him fully for the position but some small changes could hinder the firm’s performance in that critical reason. This corporate even is definitely a reason to keep an eye on the productivity that takes place in Europe in the era immediately following the replacement of Ryan Wood. On July 12, 2010 Under Armour issued a press release stating that the President of the company, David W. McCreight, will resign effective on August 20, 2010. Under Armour announced that Kevin A. Plank, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Chairman of the Board of Directors and former President will reassume the duties of President.

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