Under Armour Product Plan

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Product “Heat Gear” Under Armour is classified as a private company which was founded in 1996 as “Under Armour Athletic Apparel”. This company employs around 2,200 employees and has net revenue of $174.8 million (Under Armour, Inc. - Under Armour Reports Fourth Quarter Net Revenues Growth). The products of Under Armour Performance Apparel have become one of the top choices of athlete around the world to wear under their uniforms during games or practices ever since 1996. It all began with college football player Kevin Plank from the University of Maryland (International Directory of Company Histories, Vol.61. 2004), who designed a T-shirt to draw sweat away from the body and into a lightweight microfiber fabric. Though moisture-wicking fabric was not a new concept, Plank's lingerie-feeling garments became a sensation when they kept football players at the University of Maryland, Georgia Tech, and Arizona State University dry and comfortable during practices and games. Under Armour has since conquered the sports world with a large variety of sport apparel, sweats, sneakers, and even hats. It also conquered all of the sport franchises, such as the NFL, MLB, and Soccer leagues, NHL, NASCAR and even the Olympians. Under Armour was developed by athletes for athletes. The company understands the needs, and demands of competition. What began nearly a decade ago with their superior undershirt for equipment sports has evolved into six diverse gear lines to cover all seasons, climates, and conditions. By using only the finest microfiber fabrics, Under Armour has engineered the ultimate “Moisture Transport System” in garments that slide over your body like a second skin to keep you cool, dry, and light throughout the course of a game or workout (Under Armour® Official Website, 2012). Under Armour “Heat Gear” is a specific type of Under Armour attire that is designed

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