Under Armour Case Study

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A corporate reputation is built through well-planned, persuasive communications to specific set of stakeholders. The timing and content of these messages, and the credibility and skills of the messengers, are crucial for any company’s success. (Illingworth, 2005). In other words, corporate reputation is basically about the character of the organization. It is something an organization earns and it has to keep its promises to build it. The corporate reputation of an organization rests on the perceptions and attitudes of its stakeholders and this reputation is an asset to the organization. While the reputation is hard won, it can be lost overnight. A crisis may occur to any organization and when it happens, it can become chaotic and frantic. Nevertheless, even in the midst of a chaos, a potentially damaging situation can be reversed if it is handled well. Under…show more content…
Unfortunately, the US skating team began to lose each race and fell behind in the Olympic Games while wearing those suits. Critics and athletes quickly pushed the blame to the high-tech skating suits made by Under Armour and probed whether the suit had caused the skaters to slow down in the race. Within minutes, the reputation of Under Armour is negatively affected and it resulted into a crisis as the media demanded an immediate clarification from the company. When the poor performance of the speed-skating was linked to the Under Armour Mach 39 suits, the company quickly responded to the crisis by sending their employees to Sochi to work with the speed-skaters to resolve the issues with their suits. The speed-skaters were also given the previous series of Under Armour suits but they still performed poorly despite the switched to the old suits. The solutions to the problem did not work and for the first time since 1984, the US skating team failed to win a medal in the
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