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Coursework assignment (Subject: Strategic Management in a Global Context) Case Study Analysis Under Armour by Mark Brewer et al., (2009) extracted from: "Case 23: Under Armour: working to stay on top of its game.", Ireland,R.Duane;Hoskisson,Robert E. & Hitt,Michael A. Hitt., The management of strategy : concepts & cases., 349-358, South-Western Cengage © This case study describes how Kevin Plank an entrepreneur broke into the competitive sportswear market. Competing with long established leading brands such as Nike and Adidas, in Under Armour he is building an innovative brand to turn it into a billion dollar international business. The case study presents extensive information about Under Armour’s strategy and key business functions and processes. The objective of your case analysis will be to assess your understanding of its capabilities and core competencies in the value chain and how far these have influenced the success of growth strategy within its competitive environment. You may be familiar with its products but if not visit a sports retailer who is likely to stock some of its product range. Alternatively, you can visit its website, however, when answering the case questions below only use information on Under Armour contained in the case study. Your marks will be heavily penalised if you use information on the company from alternative sources as it is your assessment of the case information provide which is being assessed. Questions 1. Using the key barriers to entry into an industry from Porter’s five forces model, discuss why it is so difficult for new firms to enter the sportswear industry. Support your arguments with evidence from the case study. (20%) 2. Conduct a value chain analysis to assess Under Armour’s capabilities and derive its core competencies. (40%) 3. Discuss how Under Armour has used its capabilities to

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