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6.0 Coursework Questions & Guidelines In this section you will find: * Details of the coursework assessment – background to the case and case questions * Guidelines to assist you in answering the questions * The assessment marking criteria and feedback sheet * Information on presentation and key dates. 6.1 Coursework assessment Case Study Analysis Under Armour by Mark Brewer et al. extracted from: Ireland R.D, Hoskisson R. E. Hitt, M.A, (2013) Management of Strategy: Concepts and Cases, 10thth Edition, South-Western Cengage Learning. Case 27 pg. 378 - 390. This assessment contributes 50% of your final mark for this module and you are required to analyse the case study on Under Armour. A digitised copy of the case study is on Moodle. This case study describes how Kevin Plank an entrepreneur broke into the competitive sportswear market. Competing with long established leading brands such as Nike and Adidas, in Under Armour he is building an innovative brand to turn it into a billion dollar international business. The case study presents extensive information about Under Armour’s strategy and key business functions and processes. The objective of your case analysis will be to assess your understanding of its capabilities and core competencies in the value chain and how far these have influenced the success of growth strategy within its competitive environment. You may be familiar with its products as it sponsors international teams and individuals (e.g. golf), however, as you will see in the case its sales are still predominantly in the US. In July 2013 it launched its products in Hong Kong for the first time - see http://www.marketing-interactive.com/news/41424). You can visit their website for more background, however, when answering the case questions below only use information on Under Armour contained in the case study.

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