Undaunted Courage Review (Unfinished)

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Undaunted Courage by Stephen E. Ambrose is the tale of the historical expedition of the American west led by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. In this book Ambrose attempts to inform the reader of what occurred before, during, and after this journey and about the life of Meriwether Lewis. Not only does he write about the events that happened but he also gives a detailed background on Lewis and describes the things seen while Lewis and Clark traveled. The book is written from a limited omniscient point of view as Ambrose does not and cannot know everything done and said during the expedition. His audience is most likely the general American population since the book is giving information on an important piece of American history. The book goes in chronological order from before the expedition was even being thought of to the end of the journey. Ambrose accurately informs the author of this historical expedition and Lewis as he intended to do. The book begins with the telling of how Lewis’s life began. It starts at his youth, giving information about where he lived, his family, and what life was like in the Virginia of the 1800s. The story goes from there to tell what Lewis did up until he was made the captain of the famed expedition that is the focus of this book. The story goes from Lewis’s time as a man of the U.S. army to his appointment as Jefferson’s private secretary. Not only does Ambrose write about the events that led up to the expedition, he also writes about how these events shaped him and about the relationships Lewis held dear. From here, Ambrose goes on to give a wonderfully descriptive and detailed account of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Last, he brings the book to a close with Lewis’s downward spiral into depression, his short-lived recovery, his death, and the aftermath. As I see it, the five most important points to the narrative are Lewis’s

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