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What are the Rights of the Child? The simplified summary covers the articles of the UNCRC that are specific to working with children in the early years. Articles 1 & 2 All children t hroughout the world have these rights Article 6 Children have a right to live Articles 7 & 8 Children should have a name Article 9 Children should live with their parents or someone who cares for them Article 12 Children should be listened to and be a ble to say what they think about things Article 13 Children should be able to find out things Article 14 Children should be able to worship as they wish Article 15 Children should be able to meet together and have friends Article 19 Children should be safe from harm No child should be hurt by a grown - up or child Article 23 Children in need of special care should get it Article 24 Children should have clean water, food that is good for them, a clean place to live and good health care Article 28 Chil dren should be able to go to school Article 31 Children should be allowed to play Article 32 Children should not be allowed to do dangerous work Article 36 Children should be protected from activities which stop them from growing up in a healthy happy way Article 42 Everyone, children and adults, should know about Children’s Rights Taken from First Steps to Rights UNICEF The UNCRC has been ratified by all but two countries of the United Nations and it applies to everyone, whatever their race, religi on, abilities; whatever they think or say, whatever type of family they come from (article2). Using the UNCRC as a foundation provides settings with a values framework that supports and guides the adults, permeating the whole ethos of the setting. In us ing a holistic approach which © C.Dell Children’s Rights in
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