Uncle Toms Cabin Thesis

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Through the disorderly years of the 1850’s Americas unstable government was on the brink of collapse. Several principal events arose that manifested to the greatest war in American history. The genesis to pre-civil war conflicts started with the Compromise of 1850, Subsequently Uncle Toms Cabin, by Harriet Beecher Stowe, permeated the eyes of its readers with tears of desolation, thereafter the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which alternately escalated a hostile condition into a battle, As a new Republican Party formed, the Government stumbled into more turmoil, ultimately the Dread Scott Case and John Brown raid and execution assured the people that the worst has yet to come. The Compromise of 1850, composed by senator Stephen A. Douglass, was the…show more content…
Uncle Toms struggle to freedom with the assistance of Eva, a white girl who owed her life to Uncle Tom, presented to thousands the compassion between a white and a slave. Politicians, who avoided topics of slavery and hoped not to be asked questions concerning slavery, were now thunderstruck. Uncle Toms Cabin succeeded to touch the hearts of its readers. The novel became a bestseller with over 300,000 copies published. The novel brought a sense of remorse to its readers; this is exactly what abolitionists needed to keep growing the supporters of anti-slavery. The south, appalled and irritated by northern emotions, tried their best to cover the story by publishing Aunt Phyllis’s…show more content…
The Whig Party had been the major party since the 1830’s. The strength of the Whig party decayed because of the death of two of its leaders, Daniel Webster and Henry Clay, both in 1854 and the swelling of immigrants arriving in America. These immigrants, mostly catholic were favoring the Democratic Party. Immigrants preferred democrats, as they were less hindering to them, in regards to religion, schooling, and alcohol. The new Republican Party included ex Whigs, e.g. Abraham Lincoln, who were ready to meet the demands of Americans. Republicans demanded the end of slavery in the territories, freedom of slaves in District of Colombia, end of fugitive slave act, and the ban of slave trade once and for all. However in the first presidential elections where the Republican Party was introduced, the Republican candidate was not elected. However the republican part did also diluted the Know-Nothings by cleverly redirecting nativist voters to their side. Buchanan won the elections of 1856. Republicans did not support Catholics or slavery. The New party was somewhat the opposite of the democrats. “Republicans wanted to cleanse America from intemperance, impiety parochial schooling, and everything immoral.”

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