Uncle Sam and Aunt Samantha Essay

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Mrs. Quindlen is valid when she says, “Women have managed to serve in military positions without destroying unit cohesion or failing because of upper-body strength.” Women have served in combat situations like the Balkans and the Middle East. Women have been able to out-rank men and fly fighter jets to take out Afghanistan targets without male soldiers becoming jealous or lustful. Women are capable of the same tasks as their male counter parts. It seems that men of no objection to having superior women officers and there should be no question whether or not women can do the job. It is letting women take the chance to fight for the country in a time of crisis just like men. Mrs. Quindlen is valid in stating that it makes a “mockery” of the nation to only let men register and not women. It is degrading of women to say that because they are women that they are not required registering for the draft to help in a crisis. A poll done about ten years ago showed that over half of the American population supported drafting women. Should America only lose its sons in battle? No, and in a time of equality where men and women are equal in the workplace they should be equal in supporting America on the battle field. By not being equal it lowers the view on women as delicate and fragile while men are being shipped into war. Research is based on government facts and laws set by congress. These sources are accurate and used correctly to state Mrs. Quindlen’s view on women being drafted into a national crisis. There is no excuse for women to be exempt when more and more women are voluntarily joining the military. Drafting women would only make more sense and would be more equal. In “Uncle Sam and Aunt Samantha” Anna Quindlen is very correct that it is only fair for women to be drafted as well as men. Men and women can co-exist on a battlefield and still complete the

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