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Uncle Rock The Story “Uncle Rock” by Dagoberto Gilb is about a look inside the life of a young eleven year old boy named Erick who uses his actions to show his disapproval of the countless men that come in and out of his beautiful mother’s life. After watching numerous relationships fail, Eric finally accepts and adjusts to an unlikely suitor perfect for his mom. Erick starts off very unpleasant to all the men that come into his mother’s life. One morning Erick was enjoying his favorite breakfast “when a man started changing it all” (Gilb 1) they would always try to include remarks about Erick like “Such a fine-looking boy! How old is he eight or nine? Erick wasn’t even small for an eleven year old.” (Gilb 1) Erick already knew that none of these men were right for his mother. He just hoped that she would see it to. “He tightened his jaw, slanted his eyes from his plate at his mom, defiantly not this man he did not care for” (Gilb 1) Erick unwilling to get to know any of his mothers dates “never said anything when the men were around not because of his English, even if that was the excuse his mother gave for his silence.”(Gilb 1) This showed that Erick did not want a man to come into his or his mother’s life. He was uninviting to the fact that a man would change things from it just being him and his mom. Erick is also very cautious and isolated. “He didn’t talk to any of the men and didn’t talk much to his mom either.” (Gilb 1) It was not until he was alone in his room that he revels his true feelings. Erick “thanked God for his mom, who he loved, and apologized to him for not talking to her, or to anyone, really except his friend Albert, and he apologized for her never going to church and for his never taking Holy Communion, as Albert did- though only God would he admit that he wanted to because Albert did.” (Gilb 2) Erick was very jealous of his friend

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