Uncle Marcos and Walter Mitty

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Tyler Sylvester Language Arts 3rd period Ms. Lewis February 8, 2013 In “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” there is a witty man, bored with his life and is stuck with an annoying marriage with a nagging wife. Walter Mitty is a dull person with an exciting imagination. To escape reality he daydreams through the story. In the story “Uncle Marcos “ There is another odd guy with an actual exciting life, unlike Walter Mitty who has to dream his excitement. Marcos attempts to win over his cousin Antoinette, who shoots him down a many of times. Marcos is embarrassed by his rejection, so he sets out to clear his name. He makes an invention with the characteristics of a large bird to get attention onto that instead of his rejection. Both characters Walter Mitty as well as Marcos are both adventurous people. The traits that differ from the two characters are that Marcos unlike Walter Mitty is a real life important person and takes real adventures. Another difference is that Marcos is looking for women, while Walter is trying his best to tolerate his wife. As many differences as these characters have, they both have similarities also. Both are adventurous but Walter Mitty in a different way. They both are creative such as Walter and his detailed daydreams and Marcos teaching his parrot Spanish while it had an Amazon dialect. They are also curious people. Walter has strange daydreams, but Marcos does weird things such as wanting to marry his cousin. Walter Mitty as well as Uncle Marcos are both rounded characters. They show different characteristics. Marcos is adventurous, curious and weird. He shows that he is adventurous by traveling around the world. He shows he is curious by wanting to teach an animal a new language. He is also weird by wanting to marry his cousin. Walter on the other hand is creative, bored at times, and tolerant. He has
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