Uncertainty Reduction Theory in My Sassy Girl Essay

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While most relationships make sense, ever so often you find a relationship completely out of the ordinary. This unusual relationship has the ability to create an uncertainty and as Berger and Calabrese (2007) discovered there is a correlation between uncertainty and communication, which leads to a strong desire to reduce this uncertainty and define the relationship. The uncertainty reduction theory aims to determine how a relationship is developing and whether the relationship is worth committing to. Such a theory is exemplified in My Sassy Girl as great uncertainty surrounds one relationship as its boundaries are pushed and a relationship is tried through great uncertainty. My Sassy Girl is a unique romantic comedy that took me by surprise. When “the girl” is too drunk to function and throws up on a passenger’s head on the train, Gyeon-woo is forced to tend to his “honey” and clean up her disgusting mess. This first encounter gives way to a very dysfunctional relationship that seems odd and abusive. I could not understand why Gyeon-woo let the girl threaten his every move as she asked him, “do you want to die?” (2001) when his behavior and actions were not consistent with what the Girl wanted him to do. However, I then recalled a vow Gyeon-woo made at the beginning of the movie as he watched the girl sleep in the motel. While taking care of her for the second time, Gyeon-woo wanted to be the one to “heal her sorrow.” His never-ending dedication to the girl, whose behavior was consistently psychotic throughout the movie, indicated a bond that went far beyond the humiliation Gyeon-woo experienced from the girl. In order to fulfill his vow, Gyeon-woo takes on the overwhelming task of playing the role of boyfriend to the girl. Although Gyeon-woo knows nothing about the girl, he wishes to “seek information to reduce uncertainty” (2007) and hopefully gain an

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