Unbiased but concerned (Should private cars be banned?)

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Today we’re being bombed through all media against pollution and how to stop Global Warming. It’s all about recycling, to walk or ride a bike in place of a car, to use solar energy, to use eco-friendly clothes, cars and even food! That’s all acceptable and necessary, this problem concerns us all and we’re already seeing the effects through the climate changes, the health problems like allergies caused by air pollution and all kind of pollution we have caused through so many years. But we’re not all as concerned or informed as others and we should somehow develop a balance between making our life easier and caring about our environment. The thing is that pollution is not only caused by big loads of garbage that we generate daily; actually the biggest contributors of air pollution around the world are cars. So, asking myself about banning or reducing private cars I become somehow unbiased. Private cars are our primary transportation but at same time they are polluting the air and consequently making people sick. Talking more subjectively, cars that have a diesel engine produce more polluters that affect health. Diesel cars produce a big amount of PM10 which are particles that affect breathing, according to BBC News (2008). That fact does not mean that Fossil fuel combustion engine (normal cars engine) produce less pollution. Actually Petrol run cars produce two kinds of toxic waste: Exhaust and Evaporative emissions. The Exhaust emissions are dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. According to Victoria Online (Federal State Government information) the Evaporative emission are vapors of fuel that are released to the atmosphere damaging it and are also hazardous to people’s health. About the idea of banning cars completely in cities I’m unprejudiced as already said because it’s clearly not the best alternative we could
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