Unaccompanied Sonata Theme Essay

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Unaccompanied Sonata The theme of Unaccompanied Sonata, written by Orson Scott Card, defines the essence of struggle and how perseverance results in happiness. Joy prevails for those who fight for it. It’s a common theme in literature. The concept that freedom can be snatched away but thoughts and dreams are untouchable. This world requires much strife and effort to glimpse the soft skirts of true joy. I think that this short story exemplifies that in the end fighting for happiness pays off. The main character Christian Haroldsen dwells in a mansion where music is all he knows. His life consisted of only playing instruments but mainly the piano. He was completely content as the narrator confirms, “His life was perfect, and he wouldn’t change anything.” He had restrictions to his peaceful life and that he wasn’t supposed to listen to any other music but his own. When he listened to Bach, his punishment consisted of never playing or composing music for the rest of his life. Christian couldn’t stand the thought of never playing again. He couldn’t brush away the feeling of emptiness welling up inside. He was sad because he was forbidden to play music after he broke the rules. Christian was placed back into normal society knowing that he would be “punished drastically” if he ever attempted to play music again. He lives miserably as he passes instruments daily and finally his temptation overpowers. He eliminates the clasps of control and plays freely. It’s described as, “The piano was played as pianos aren’t meant to be played; the bad notes, the out-of-tune notes were fit into the music so that they sounded right, and Christ’s fingers, ignoring the strictures of the twelve-tone scale, played, it seemed to Joe, in the cracks.” This is symbolism to the theme, even though he wasn’t supposed to be playing, he denied the petty laws of his land and soaked in the
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