Un Convention on the Rights of Children Essay

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According to the World Health Organisation disability can be defined as: ‘Any restriction or lack of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being’. When the word Disability is heard it is almost certainly pictured in our minds as somebody in a wheel chair. Well this is not always the case as there are many different types of disability. Some of these would include people who are blind or partially sighted, people with learning or intellectual difficulties, people who are deaf or have impaired hearing, people with a physical disability or long term illness, people with mental health or psychological difficulties and people who have had a brain injury. These would be shortened down to Physical, Intellectual, Psychiatric, Sensory and Neurological disabilities. Children’s rights Every child has the following four main rights in life: 1. Survival rights: include the child’s right to life and the needs that are most basic to existence, such as nutrition, shelter, an adequate living standard, and access to medical services. 2. Development rights: include the right to education, play, leisure, cultural activities, access to information, and freedom of thought, conscience and religion. 3. Protection rights: ensure children are safeguarded against all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation, including special care for refugee children; safeguards for children in the criminal justice system; protection for children in employment; protection and rehabilitation for children who have suffered exploitation or abuse of any kind. 4. Participation rights: encompass children's freedom to express opinions, to have a say in matters affecting their own lives, to join associations and to assemble peacefully. As their abilities develop, children are to have increasing opportunities to participate in the activities

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