Umuc Haircuts Stage 4 Essay

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UMUC Haircuts Stage 4 UMUC Haircuts Stage 4 UMUC Haircuts a shop that provides various haircut and salon services is in need of a software system to automate the services and accounting of the company. The processes that Myra the owner of UMUC Haircuts has decided to improve with this system are employee and client scheduling. Myra has recognized that although she has been in business since 1995 that she needs to improve her business to keep up with increasing competition that is starting to enter her market. Myra seeking out a Systems Analyst she has made a great leap towards improving her business as well modernizing her store and improving her customer’s experience as well as increasing her employees’ capabilities. This report will provide the proposed system that includes the increased capabilities for Myra’s store and the functions that she will have gained with this new system to included customer online appointment creations, which is directly one of Myra’s requested updates. The proposed IT solution system for Myra’s store UMUC Haircuts is produced by Flexbooker LLC, and is named Flexbooker (Flexbooker). This solution meets all of the requirements that UMUC Haircuts requires and will be simple to maintain by her current employees since it is not too complicated. Flexbooker provides quick easy setup online appointment creations for customers and even provides the capability for reoccurring appointments if the customer wishes to do so. While reserving the writes to allow UMUC Haircuts to decide which types of appointments are available for customers to request and create online. Also the times that are available for the customers so that customers cannot create appointments online for times that they store is not available or even when an employee is not available or working. The appointment system works seamlessly with a color-coded

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