Ulysses and Where There's a Wall Poems

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1. Depending on the ‘writing a literary analysis’ chart, the student didn’t really write everything down he/she should’ve wrote. I would have added many things to his analysis. First of all, I would given my opinion and my reaction to the poem. The poem was pretty boring at the beginning and I didn’t fell the poet was trying to prove anything. I didn’t get the poet’s point almost until the end of the poem. The theme was very beneficial for the reader and it helps the reader think and do whatever he/she wants in this life without hesitating and before it’s late, as the student said, but I would have also said that there was another theme which tells us to live our life the way we want it not only to get experiences. The theme has reminded me of a person that have once wanted to do something very badly but he couldn’t do it. What happened and very briefly is that a dear friend of mine, whom had once lived, wanted to travel to many countries he had in mind. He wasn’t able to do so because his parents were actually strict and didn’t allow him to travel by himself because of his young age but they promised to let him go when he gets older, and here he is, in his grave. My friend died and didn’t get the chance to live his dream, his parents should have let him go because people never know they are going to die. My friend was a dreamer, he was living in his dreams in his own mind even when he was in his real life. I felt my friend’s story was similar to the theme of the poem, he didn’t get every drop of experience from life because he was stopped when he wanted to do so. The poem had many similes and metaphors, but it had many symbols as well. The poem is spoken by a famous Greek hero it's no surprise that references to Greek mythology abound. For example, in lines 16-17, Ulysses describes how he enjoyed fighting on the "plains" of Troy, an ancient city located

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