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Mza Anderson 10/3/13 period 6 Mr.Speaks ULTRON Type of character: Static,Round,Antagonist Inferences: Ultron is a determined,Fearless,Brutal,Vigorous,and Calm villain Indirect Characterization: Ultron was a determined creation by tony stark aka iron man and hank pim aka ant man aka giant man to create perfect world order. After over hearing hank pim complaining about reasons why he can't make world a better place, he started to act act like hank and began a plan to get rid of avengers as he thought would make the world better and nothing stopped him. Ultron was also made fearless, as he fought the avenger and every other organization trying to stop him he never stopped,backed down,surrendered. Before his suits got destroyed by the avengers he would program into a computer and would build himself another and nothing could stop him. ultron is brutal because he had put every human on the whole earth into slavery,after he sent thor into hiding,killed captain america,black widow,hawkeye,black panther,wasp,and ant man. The surviving were iron man,hulk, and the children of the avengers because they went in hiding. ultron was vigorous and full of energy also, because when the he was fighting the hulk, ironman, the vision, and the children of captain america and black widow,antman and the wasp , thor, and black panther he knew he was going to finally lose after he ruled the earth for a decade but still had no fear. ultron was made with no emotion or sympathy so all the lives he took and destruction he caused he never got mad,happy,or scared but was always calm. No one knows for sure what happened to ultron because they may have destroyed his body but not his program to control any

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