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The Ultimate Cost By: Anna Brittain Why do so many people in the United States smoke cigarettes? Maybe its because they think it cool to smoke, but what is so cool about smelling bad, having yellow teeth, a constant cough, and health issues? In the U.S. alone more than 400,000 people die a year from a smoke related illness whether its lung cancer, or heart complications. Cigarettes contain the following chemical compounds that are dangerous to your health: Nicotine, which is addictive and increases cholesterol levels, Carbon monoxide, which reduces the oxygen in your blood stream, and Tar, which is a carcinogen, and leads to cancer, Benzene which is know to cause leukemia, Butane, a lighter fluid, Ethanol which is used in antifreeze, Methanol, which is used for rocket fuel, Ammonia, which is found in most cleaning products, such as Windex, Acetone, used in fingernail polish remover, Cadmium, which is know to cause cancer and is found in car batteries, Arsenic, which is a poison, and Toluene, an industrial solvent(netdoctor.co.uk). These and many more make up about 400 toxic chemical out of 4000 different compounds found in cigarettes. These toxic chemical may not kill you instantly, but they do lead to serious health issues such as cancer and heart complications. For example, lung cancer is one of the leading diseases that you can get from smoking. Not only can you get lung cancer but you can also get other types of cancer as well, such as: Leukemia, which affects the bone marrow and makes your bones brittle, laryngeal cancer, that attacks your voice box and you may have to get your voice box removed, and esophagus…show more content…
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