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I have desired and dreamt of attending your school for several years, I was born in Kaplan Lousiana and have been raised as a true blood cajun. My mother is also a natural born Ragin Cajun and graduated from your school in the Spring of 98 and is a huge factor in what I do with my life. You probably don’t know why I would want to go to ULL since I live in Tennessee. As I said I have been bred, raised and plan to die by my Cajun heritage, and rage within me it does. My entire immediate family went to ULL and I dream to follow in their footsteps. They tell me the education and social environment of your school is one flooded with inspirational challenges and even more inspirational peers as well as faculty. I have until recently lived my life carefree and reckless, now because of that I cannot undo that mistake and make good on my high school record. However I have realized this my senior year that I have to focus and work hard if I expect to get anywhere in life worth being. That is why I have raised my GPA by .2 points just in 1 semester and am striving to raise it even more before I graduate. I have wanted to go to ULL for the longest time and follow my great family before me but because of my mistakes and my lack of core courses I was denied admission. So because I am an out of state student I am going to plea to you as a committee to compare the past 3 years of my high school career to this one and recognize my change of heart and behavior. I do not consider myself a special case or an exception to the rules, so I can only ask that you find it in your hearts to grant a young man who is regretful of his past mistakes and has corrected himself to be a better student so that when and if you accept me into your school, I can strive to be even better and this time not slack where I need to be strong. I know your school has a magnificent reputation and I plan to, if

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