Ulcerative Colitis And How It Changed My Life. Essay

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I was young when it happened, not only small but also naive to the power of this problem that has occurred in my life. Not knowing this would change my life forever and how I would live it, I went on like nothing happened. Ulcerative colitis is chronic disease of inflammation in the large intestine. My mother has Crohn’s disease, a very similar case. (UC) will give you symptoms such as bad stomach pain, and have frequent bowel movements during the day. When I was young I thought this was normal, people all over the world and all around me must be feeling and practicing this just like me. But as I grew older I knew this was not the case. Doctors came into my life and showed me this, telling me I have a serious problem and must be delt’ with cautiously. I was no realizing the problem at hand.. It was around the age thirteen I started understanding the disease and what was happening. People were telling me things I could and couldn’t do with my life and with the things I love to eat. “No more dairy” said the Dr. James, my pediatrician at the time. I was now lactose intolerant, Common among this disease. Knowing this all these years I still have pizza. But never since that day have I had a glass of “regular” milk, it’s since always been lactose free. Same with all the Ice cream, it’s all lactose free now. These things I had little problems with, still today I have no problems with it, but little did I know that this problem, this disease, would lay problems for my future, my dream. It hasn’t been two months since that devastating day. I was sitting finally at the recruiting office for the United States Coast Guard..My dream. Everything went smooth; The officer knew I had a great deal of knowledge of the service. I would tell him things I already knew and he would sit there surprised at my knowledge of

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