Uga Chem Lab Exp 29

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Alex Evans Sanders Dellinger Ryan Shockney Rashaad Williams October 18, 2010 Experiment 29 Procedure Proposal In this experiment, the experimenter will be given a one gram sample of Chromite. Chromite is defined as an Iron Magnesium Chromium Oxide. The objective of this lab is for the experimenter to determine if Iron, Magnesium, and Chromium are in the unknown sample, and from these conclusions, infer if the unknown sample is actually Chromite. In doing this, multiple laboratory skills are needed, along with general knowledge on the elements comprised in the experiment to be covered. As aforementioned, the main objective of this lab is to determine whether or not the unknown sample is in fact chromium. In order to do so, the experimenter has a limited list of chemicals to use, which include: * Iron (III) Nitrate, Solid * Chromium (III) Nitrate, Solid * 1.00 M Hydrochloric Acid Solution * 4 M Sodium Hydroxide Solution * Zinc Metal The experimenter also has access to unlimited use of: * Standard lab equipment and glassware * MeasureNet temperature probe * MeasureNet pH probe and drop counter * MeasureNet spectrophotometer and Curvettes In this experiment, the experimenter will utilize various skills learned from previous labs in order to conduct the experiment in a productive and efficient manner. For instance, Chemical reactions will be utilized in order to separate the mixed unknown sample into its various components. One must know that the driving force behind double displacement reactions is the removal of ions, and one must also know that a precipitation reaction is used when two aqueous solutions of ionic compounds are mixed, and a solid is formed. Another example of students using knowledge from a previous experiment is when the experimenter must perform an emission analysis on the remaining aqueous Chromium

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