UFO's Fact or Fiction

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UFO”S: Fact or Fiction? The UFO phenomenon has been widely publicized for nearly 60 years. Beginning with the wave of sightings in 1947, culminating in the famous Roswell incident. With all the alleged UFO sightings that have been reported since the late 40’s, the question remains, do UFO’s exist? In order to answer that question, we will examine three famous incidents beginning with Roswell, the fleet of UFO’s allegedly seen over the Whitehouse in 1952, and the sightings At Suffolk, England in 1980. When we complete the research on the existence of UFO’s, we will attempt to answer the question, is there a government conspiracy to cover up their existence. The story of what happened at Roswell is filled with people, locations, and events. For those who have not spent years covering the case, the information can be very confusing. Before investigating the crash, it necessary to give a brief description of the events leading up to the crash. On July 1, 1947, Radars in the Roswell, White Sands, and Alamogordo area track an unknown blip that seems to maneuver and move with technology far to advanced to be anything from Earth. Subsequent checks on the radar system confirmed that the equipment was in perfect working order. On July 2, a couple from Roswell reports the presence of a large oval shape drifting over their house. The couple, Mr. And Mrs. Dan Wilmot reported that the shape was moving northwest at a high speed. On July 3, Steve Mackenzie is called to White Sands radar station where he watches displays as a shape, identical to the shape the Wilmot’s reported, flashes through the New Mexico skies. These strange events are strong circumstantial evidence of UFO activity near the alleged crash sight (Corso, 1997). On July 2, 1947, outside Roswell New Mexico, Mac Brazil, the foreman on a local ranch was heading to a range shack for the night.

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