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My intended major is Computer Science (B.S). Since my childhood I used to play a lot of video games. I kept upgrading from 8 bit to Sega to Play Station to PC. I was in 10th grade when for the first time I stumbled across my future. At that time my cousin sister Nileema was visiting us. Nileema was a software engineer. She noticed my interest in computers and advised me to attend basic computer courses. At first, I took few short hardware courses just to please my cousin, but soon it became my hobby to play with the computers all the time. As I recall I took my first proper programming class in the summer break of ’03. I liked the complexity and wide array of possibilities in programming. It simply fascinated me. I literally submerged myself day and night in the programming. Instead of just staying as my favorite leisure activity, it became my passion. Unfortunately I had to stop spending time with my favorite hobby, mainly because I was in my 12th grade. In India the 12th grade exam is very important in one’s career. On the other hand in my 12th grade I was blessed with an excellent friend circle that was supportive and at the same time equally interested in academics. Every one of them had his or her strength in different fields such physics; I was strongest in mathematics. We did a lot of group studies. It helped me to clear my concepts and to develop a strong base in higher-level physics, chemistry and even biology. Due to my keen interest in programming, my cousin used to send me the pieces of her assigned projects after my 12th grade exam, to debug and just to get an idea of what a real life programmer usually does. As I had the background of programming, I declared my major as computer science when I decided to study in USA. Computer Science stresses on programming and a little bit of hardware, so it is a perfect choice for me. I have found Computer
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