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Ubuntu Operating System: Ubuntu 11.10 is out and I think that many of you have installed it. Ubuntu 11.10 is the next version comes after Ubuntu 11.04.You already know that Ubuntu uses Unity as a default Desktop Environment. In the previous version(10.10) Ubuntu was using the GNOME as default Desktop environment. You may be feeling comfortable of using Unity. It is some what good as it comes with many new and exciting features. It has launcher(like Dock,shortcut to your frequently using applications) in the left of the desktop and much more. But you still need to customize it according to your style. So this article will tell some basic tips and tricks for Ubuntu 11.04 to customize it. 1.Update Ubuntu After installing the Ubuntu 11.10 you need to Update it so that it can download and install all the basic packages. Ubuntu will download the language support and latest support packages for the applications. You can Update Ubuntu by Running the Ubuntu Update Manager(just go to the Ubuntu Logo to open the Application search and search for Update Manager).OR you can type the following command in the Terminal. sudo apt-get update or run this command "update-manager -d" 2. Install Adobe Flash Player Flash player is one of the basic thing you want to install in your Ubuntu after installing it. Without installing Adobe Flash Player you are unable to see all the flash images like .gif images and videos on your web. So install it by going to the Ubuntu Software Center and search for Adobe flash Player. Install it then restart your Browser to see that all videos and flash images are now viewed. 3. Customize Launcher As i have already told you Unity Desktop comes with the Launcher in the top left of the desktop. It comes with already added applications. You can add the applications which you frequently use and remove the application you does not want. Click on the Add

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