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1. What is your assessment of your (Roberta’s) efforts to date? PolyProd is a corporation that develops, markets, and manufactures a variety of high technology products for industry and home use. Roberta is a project manager who works at the distribution division at M&DDiv which is part of PolyProd. Through observation and information collected Roberta has detected that there are a few problems within the company. For example, the management information practices are a costly expense for the company, documentation processes and procedures are not the same across the broad. The lack of follow through in policy and procedures could have a long-term effect in product decline at PolyProd. Roberta is convinced that the problems within the company can be rectified, with the involvement of change and project management techniques. Thus far, Roberta has taken her findings to senior executive Stewart Jones. The aim here is a need to sell the need for change in the company to Stewart Jones and, to gain his backing in this project. 2. How will you convince Stewart Jones to allow you to proceed with the project? What arguments might you use? I would convince Stewart Jones to allow me to proceed with the project by simply presenting him with the facts. My argument would include the need for standardization between the local company and the other five locations around the world. I would point out the negative impact that M&DDiv culture has on the organization, the documentation problems and the fact that since quality is everything to the company then it is imperative that the employees understand this. I would also present Stewart with the issues discovered in the contributing factors. For example, the information gathered indicates that there is a lack of overriding vision or strategy to guide the creation of a full documentation system. Moreover, the employees taking

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