Uae's Federal Laws Essay

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t has long been a policy of the Abu Dhabi and UAE governments to protect the environment and several significant laws and regulations have been passed with that objective in mind. These need close scrutiny by any investor contemplating a project in Abu Dhabi, particularly in the industrial sector. An investor seeking to establish a business with potential impact on the environment will, when consulting with the Economic Department about licensing requirements, be informed of any required approval from the Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi or any other relevant competent authority. The Economic Department maintains a list of activities requiring such approvals and will not issue a commercial license until all relevant approvals have been obtained. In order to gain the Environment Agency's (or other competent authority's) approval it may be necessary to submit an environmental report detailing potential environmental effects of the business and the methods proposed to be used to mitigate or eliminate them. Investors seeking to establish an industrial facility in a zone administered by the Higher Corporation for Specialised Economic Zones ("ZonesCorp") may find that under ZonesCorp's "One Stop Shop" program ZonesCorp will assist by obtaining any necessary environmental approval for them. A number of environmental laws at the federal and emiri level are of broad relevance and are discussed below. There are others1 that are of more specialist concern and cannot be examined in an article of this length. Federal Laws At the federal level there is an environmental statute of general application, Law No. 24 of 1999 regarding Protection and Development of the Environment. This law covers every aspect of environmental protection including land, water and air. It requires all governmental bodies concerned with planning, construction and economic development to consider

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