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Assignment 4: Recruit Requirements Major L. Simpson SEC 315 – Security Assessment and Solutions Professor Scott Margulis December 5, 2013 Assignment 4: Recruit Requirements The USA PATRIOT Act was passed by Congress after the horrific events of September, 11, 2001. It was passed to help with securing the safety and security of the citizens of America. The USA PATRIOT Act allow law enforcement agencies to search the e-mail and telephone communications of individuals as well as their medical, financial, and library records. When Ashton Lundeby made the prank call alleging the bomb threat in 2009, he opened up a serious can of worms for himself. A lot of people feel this Act infringes on the privacy of us…show more content…
The reason I say this is because these were merely prank calls and bomb threats, as it was discovered as the investigation unfolded as time went on. As the U.S. already have laws in place that covers bomb threats, the prosecution in this case made the determination that it was not necessary to try Mr. Lundeby under the USA PATRIOT Act. Title 18, Section 844 (e) of the US Code makes it a felony punishable by a prison term of up to 10 years to make a bomb threat, either real or bogus, using “the mail, telephone, telegraph, or other instrument of interstate commerce….” (Grigg, 2009). The actions of Mr. Lundeby and his conspirators make this a clear violation of the above U.S.…show more content…
Title II of the Act grants authority to federal law enforcement agencies to intercept communication about terrorism by searching individual computers and allowing those agencies to share information with intelligence agencies as needed (White, 2012, p. 543). Computer files, library records, educational records, and records where purchases have been made can be subpoenaed and obtained under the Act. In the case of Ashton Lundeby, the government used phone records and his IP address to track him down. In this case, it was warranted to raid the residence. As with all suspected cases that may violate the USA PATRIOT Act, I believe the government is warranted to conduct a raid, especially based on the severity of the incident. In this particular case, there were several bomb threats made on different days, all claiming to cause damages to college campuses and schools. We are not living in an era of joking. Combating terrorism is serious business and should be treated as such. The investigation process by law enforcement into the incident took place. There had to have been pre-incident preparation where targets were identified, i.e…, Mr. Lundeby and his helpers. To make the arrest, the government was able to detect the incident and pin point where the incident was occurring, they prepared a response and responded, an investigation took place, evidence was confiscated and lessons were learned from the

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