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U.S.S Maine Opinion Paper American history is riddled with conspiracies, from Area 51 to the JFK assassination. While many are more notorious than others, some are less heard of; I am talking of course of the mysterious destruction of the U.S.S. Maine. My opinion of what happened to the Maine is highly possible because of the effect Imperialism had upon the United States at this time Tensions between America and Spain were extremely high at this point and all that was needed to begin a war between them was a spark. That spark was the blowing up off the Maine , but the question of who actually caused it goes unanswered still today. Many people could have had reason for the start of war. America thought that it had been Spain foolishly attacking with a torpedo, but I do not think this was the reason, since the findings of the second investigation on the Maine say that the blast bent the…show more content…
Since it is quite impossible for a projectile to make an explosion from that direction, it completely disregards any idea of a torpedo being shot at the ship. Other theories have come up since that day, such as that Cuban rebels seeking the American aid blew up the ship or that the news editor of the New York World, seeking to gain the edge over his competitor, was the cause of its destruction. The reason the editor of the World was first suspected after a telegram between the editor and one of his photographers was discovered saying “ You furnish the pictures, and Ill furnish the war...”. Although this evidence makes the theory seem solid, I have found one that , in my opinion, is far more probable than any other. America, under the influence of Imperialism, was ready to fight anybody , for any reason to gain land and to that extent , power. Under the guise of protecting trade interests, we sent our war ships over to Cuba to jump at any chance we could take. To our surprise, the Spanish ambassadors invited our Generals to
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