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History and Evolution of the United States Care System: Hospitals as centres of care The establishment of hospital as centres of care contributes to the shaping of the United States US health care organization and delivery system. By 1800 when the United States had very few hospitals which provided mainly social welfare functions it had very little role in medical practice. Europe had established several hospitals then and pioneered in new advances in medical science Today, the US has several hospital established in many cities and leads in medical innovation especially in the number of new drugs and devices introduced . In the preindustrial era, physicians provided health care to patients at private homes, alms houses and dispensary before hospitals emerged in 1850. These were funded by charity and religious organization and characterized by poor ventilation and sanitation, unhygienic practices by unskilled and untrained staff. It was not patronised by the middle and upper classes. The US health care system was not then organised and was not legitimized.…show more content…
The number of US general hospitals grew to four thousand by 1990 from less than a hundred in 1875; medical profession blossomed into a prestigious and powerful profession. Diverse specialities emerged in various fields of medicine and hospital became the core around which delivery is organised. The qualities of health care delivered improve but cost containment remained unrealised. To improve access to care in the rural communities after the urban shift the US government built more hospitals in

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