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Online Resource for Insurance Information Presented by: The University of New Mexico Student Health & Counseling (SHAC) Purpose Understanding health insurance is difficult. UNM Student Health & Counseling (SHAC) d lh li ( ) developed this presentation to provide a general overview of health insurance plans. plans The Th goal is to: li 1. Provide students with a basic understanding of g insurance plans and terminology. 2. Explain why health insurance is important. 3. Encourage students to become informed consumers of health insurance. What does health insurance cover? In general, it offsets the cost of doctor bills, su ge y, osp ta , abo ato y a d ay ees, surgery, hospital, laboratory and x-ray fees, and pharmacy costs. In some cases, it will cover specific needs, like long-term care, vision care, or dental care. I Insurance F Facts Healthcare costs…show more content…
j y part Risk of financial loss due to healthcare costs is a part of life in the United States. Health insurance is a way to “share the risk.” How can insurance companies afford to pay healthcare costs? They pick groups to insure which are statistically healthy. They set limitations on coverage. They negotiate with healthcare providers to discount their charges. They charge the consumer premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. Types of Insurance Coverage T fI C Managed Care Preferred P id O P f d Provider Organizations (PPO ) i i (PPOs) Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) Fee-for-Service Fee for Service / Indemnity Plans Point-of-Service Plan Confused? Don’t worry, we will explain. Managed C M d

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