UHD Honesty Policy Case Study

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I think Lucy violated the UHD Honesty policy because she took advantage of the trust placed in her by using privileged information gained while employed in a trusted position. She also neglected to communicate the breach of security to the appropriate person(s) once it was discovered. The UHD Academic Honesty Policy states in Section 2.2 bullet 3, “Cheating includes, but is not limited to…Obtaining and/or using unauthorized material.” Lucy obtained the document during work hours at her work study assignment. The document was left on the printer accidently. When she went to make copies of job application letters, at the request of the office manager, she noticed a paper that was left on the copier. Upon review of the document, she realized it was questions from her professor for the midterm exam she was studying for. She used the information to better prepare herself for the upcoming exam. It was unauthorized because the professor did not give Lucy permission to use the document to use in preparation for her exam. Section 2.2 bullet 5 states, “Cheating includes, but is not limited to… violating…show more content…
The work study program can be put at risk because of the need to minimize accessibility to unauthorized material. This risk could prevent administrators from allowing students to work in offices of administration. Her actions also could jeopardize the reputation and integrity of the university, by bringing embarrassment and disgrace to the school and surrounding community. A lack of trust between the faculty and student body could be an unintentional consequence of this breach of policy. The school could also face the loss of accreditations and academic standing which could ultimately jeopardize school funding, faculty jobs, extra circular activities and student programs. Administration could mandate stricter guidelines and penalties for students which could include expulsion from

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